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How to prepare matcha tea easily?

How to prepare a good hot matcha tea the traditional way? Here are all my tips and tricks to easily make a real matcha rich in umami.

a man preparing matcha

The benefits of Matcha tea: Incredible virtues!

The many health benefits of matcha tea are undeniable. As the leaves are consumed in their entirety in powdered form, it is a superfood packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Matcha tea can improve oral health, cardiovascular health, and the quality of the skin, as well as aiding blood circulation and helping the body to get rid of toxins. It also has an alkaline balance, making it a great way to stabilize the acid-base balance of the body. Furthermore, its theanine content brings a calming effect to the brain and helps relieve stress, bringing a sense of peace.

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  • Portions1
  • DifficultyEasy
  • Total time5 minutes
  • Calories7 Calories


  • Matcha1 tea spoons
  • Hot water at 80°C70 ml


  • Matcha whisk « chasen »1
  • Matcha bowl « chawan »1
  • Tea strainer1


  • First, pour hot water (90 °C) into your matcha bowl and let it warm up. Then drain the water.
  • Also soak the bamboo whisk "chasen" for 2 minutes in warm water so that its stems relax gently.
  • Sieve 2g of matcha tea directly into your chawan bowl using a tea strainer.
  • Heat 70 ml of water to a maximum of 80°C, then pour the hot water gently in a circular motion over the powder.
  • Then mix vigorously with your bamboo whisk "chasen" for a minute.
  • To get a well aerated matcha, you have to make an "I" or "M" shape movement while going back and forth from top to bottom and from left to right.
  • Then slow down the motion and stir again slowly for 30 short seconds to refine the bubbles.
  • Then trace a circle-like motion up the surface of the bubbles to finish.


Heating water over 80°C can cause the bitterness of Matcha tea to increase and the umami flavor to be lost. To get the right balance of flavor, it is recommended to use 2g of Matcha tea powder with a water quantity of 70 to 80 ml. You can also add a small amount of sugar or maple syrup to sweeten the tea if desired. Alternatively, you can enjoy a snack while drinking Matcha tea.

How to make matcha foam?

The secret is to heat the bowl with hot water (90°C) and soak the bamboo whisk for 2 minutes in warm water to gently loosen its stems.

Why do I need a whisk for matcha tea?

For the perfect cup of matcha, the ideal tool is a matcha whisk. The goal is to achieve a light, fluffy matcha and to be able to control the size of the bubbles in the resulting foam. Whisking in a circular motion will not properly aerate the matcha, resulting in large and coarse bubbles, and a completely different flavor.

How to make a good matcha?

Sift 2g of matcha tea into a bowl, then pour 70 ml of water heated to 80°C, then stir vigorously with a bamboo whisk in an "I" shape for 1 minute.

How to make cold matcha?

Sift 2g of matcha tea powder into a shaker, add 200ml of cold water and a few ice cubes. Shake or mix the matcha with a bamboo whisk until it is smooth. Pour the mixture into a large glass filled with ice cubes and the rest of the water. If desired, sweeten the tea by adding a touch of maple syrup.

How to dilute the matcha ?

I suggest you start by sifting the matcha powder, then whisking it in the traditional way with a bamboo whisk. Alternatively, you can use a shaker, blender or milk frother, depending on your intended purpose (making a cold brew, matcha latte etc.).

How to measure matcha tea?

The estimated amount of matcha for one cup is 2g with a quantity of water around 70 to 80 ml. You are free to adjust according to your taste, if you like it more or less strong.