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Where to buy matcha tea?

Matcha tea is widely available, though it can be hard to locate high-quality product. It can typically be found in Asian supermarkets, online, in specialized tea stores, and in some organic stores. In bigger cities, it may also be available in major supermarkets such as Carrefour, Auchan, and Intermarché, though finding top-notch matcha tea in these places is not a guarantee.

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Price-quality ratio of matcha tea

The use of matcha tea can range from making cakes to beverages like a matcha latte or smoothie. It is important to be careful when buying matcha tea, as it can be easy to find low-quality or fake matcha from China or other countries at very low prices. A decent matcha tea found in a Japanese supermarket would cost an average of €12 for 30g.

For everyday use or tea ceremony training, matcha tea typically costs around €5. Japanese people usually buy very little matcha tea, which can range from 5 to €130. The quality of the matcha tea varies greatly, much like the quality of wine. Once you know which matcha to avoid, the decision of quality is up to the consumer. For those looking for an exceptional matcha tea, it is recommended to buy online.

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